Spring Break is almost here!


Hello readers!

We are leaving for our Alternative Break in less than two days!  We are all very excited to learn about how fracking has impacted people’s lives, and how they have responded to it.  Over the past months, we all have been working very hard to learn about fracking and its impact on people’s lives.  All of our hard work will pay off when we finally get to see and hear about the impact fracking has had first hand, from speaking with affected community members and touring actual fracking sites!

Our trip is part of a greater movement of Alternative Spring Breaks, in which participants learn about social justice issues and immerse themselves in the issue itself.  All trips place a very high emphasis on learning about underlying causes of the issue the trip will focus on, and incorporate service that the host community asks us to perform.  We do not engage in “voluntourism” or shallow interactions with communities.  At American University there are many other trips, including international and domestic, that cover a wide array of social justice issues.  Please visit this link, and learn more about them!

Our trip in particular focuses on sustainable economic development, and its relationship to human rights.  We are learning about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in order to learn about the greater issue of sustainable economic development, and why it is so hard to implement in America.  This trip does not take an official stance against or for fracking.  We encourage our participants to form their own opinion of fracking from this trip.  When we come back from the trip, our group will organize an event to educate the greater community about what we learned.

This blog will be used to document our trip and what our participants have learned during it.  It will also be used to educate our readers about Alternative Breaks in general, and what we have planned for the future.  Participants will be updating this blog during our trip, and use their unique view on the trip to update this blog.

Thank you so much for your interest in our trip, and we hope you follow our journey!


One response to “Spring Break is almost here!”

  1. Len Blaifeder (@lenblaifeder) says :

    Sounds like an awesome journey. Wishing you all great learning and a great time.

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